MyFM Radio DJ Royce Tan admitted in a magistrate court in Kuala Lumpur that he and the man charged with the murder of his mother in 2011 were lovers.

Photo via Star Online
Photo via Star Online

Royce said that the deceased, his mother Lai Kam Lian, had been supportive of his relationship with the accussed, Kenny Lim Kang and always interfered and patched things up between the two men when they had arguements in a cross examination by counsel Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden.

“The relationship wasn’t healthy. It was anything but healthy, seriously,” said Royce, adding that he and Kenny were willing to “put up with it” as they loved each other too much.


31-year old, Kenny is charged with stabbing Lai to death outside her house at Taman Sri Segambut at about 9.45pm on December 1st, 2011. When Royce was asked if his mother knew that Kenny was his lover, Royce told the court that he had revealed the nature of the relationship when she became concerned over their fighting.

“I told her we weren’t just friends but lovers and she was happy for me. I was the happiest son in the world,” said Royce.

Royce also agreed when asked by Mohd Yusoff if Kenny had moved in with him and if they had an active sex life at the time. Royce testified on Tuesday that the last time he saw Kenny before the murder of his mother took place was after an argument which ended with Royce taking back his house key and kicking Kenny out.

Royce later said that his head was injured and bleeding due to the fight with Kenny after he suspected Kenny of having an affair with another man.

The exchange took place two days before Royce’s mother was murdered at their family home.


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