Get in touch with your feelings through music with The Cotton Field Scarecrowes.


Local folk band The Cottonfield Scarecrowes are made up of brothers Johann Sultan and Shahrhyl Sultan. The duo embraces what they refer to as the bleak folky hymnody concept, has recently launched their full-length debut album Dancing Hymns and Broken Rhymes.


Featuring a guest appearance by local singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor, the launch took place at The Annexe Gallery at Central Market last weekend. Their bleak folk approach to today’s music local music scene is an enlightening delight to both fans and listeners. Calming and melodic, the brothers bring a unique concept of music by blending in influences from the past and indie folk light to deliver temperamental and melancholic tunes.

Musically, The Cotton Field Scarecrowes show a true interest in American roots music which inspired the foundation of the album Dancing Hymns And Broken Rhymes. “As a huge fan of American history, I intend to transport myself back to the early days of the roots. Thus landing on to that one thing we call ‘The Bleak Folk Hymnody’- a whirlpool of melancholic symptoms and jubilation. Kind of like songs of hope,” said Johann. Lead guitarist Shahrhyl described it as “The transition of two extremes, a dark stormy day to the warmth of a bright happy sunshine.

The duo exudes the feeling of joy and hope when you need it with an original sound that is orientated towards an Americana with a blend of their own stamp on melancholic tunes. Dancing Hymns And Broken Rhymes features eight original tracks and is produced by Johann Sultan.

Watch The Cotton Field Scarecrowes’ Dancing Hymns And Broken Rhymes album trailer here. Enjoy!

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