Gun to your head, what is your favourite movie and why?

It is beyond obvious that the Hype Malaysia team are movie buffs and music enthusiasts. Taking things on a slightly different path today, writer Bryna K. puts her colleagues from Hype.My and friends on the spot by asking them about their favourite movies and why they picked that particular one. Here are the responses she got.



Paul Anand, 31, Editor of Hype.My

“Lord Of The Rings because it has the most precise adaptation of the novel. Besides who doesn’t like epic fight scenes?”


Dan Shiv, 27, Creative Director of Lowyat Lifestyle Networks

“Lost in Translation because it is a very fresh take on a love story and how relationships work and breakdown. I also love it because of how it can make a person feel so alone in a country so foreign. Apart from that I love Sofia Coppolla’s style of movie making.”


Carmen Chong, 22, Junior Writer

“Shutter Island. I had goosebumps when I watched that movie and not many movies can give me goosebumps. Everything about the movie was so intriguing, especially the ending. I still don’t know what to believe — whether it was all real or was it all in his head?”



Emi Goto, 23, Editorial Intern

“Carrie. I prefer the remake of Carrie as compared to the original because apart from the story line, I believe that Chloë Grace Moretz carried out Stephen King’s rendition of Carrie perfectly.”


Geneveive Nunis, 23, Senior Writer

“The Breakfast Club. Anyone who has been the queen bee, the jock, the class clown or any labels would HAVE to see The Breakfast Club. This John Hughes classic did not only redefine my teenage years, but I think it teaches everyone – no matter what background you come from – we all just want to be accepted.”


Dhivashini, 23, Fresh Graduate

“Ratatouille. I watched it back in 2007 and it was eye opening in a weird way. I had this epiphany of what I could possibly accomplish. It wasn’t just the rat being to cook, it was Paris, the music and everything about it.”


Brandon Sta Maria, 22, Student

“The Green Mile because it was very well written and Tom Hanks is my favourite actor. Granted the movie was about three hours long but Michael Clark Duncan’s performance as well as Tom Hanks’ performance was simply spectacular. I loved everything about the movie and I can watch it over and over again without ever getting sick of it.”


Akmal Subki, 27, Photographer

RocknRolla; it has a good sense of everything at the right proportion. The best part is that it is a mafia/gangster movie that revolves around an amazing mysterious painting.


Natasha Loo, 25, PR Assistant Accounts Manager

“All the Harry Potter movies because I love the world of magic that JK Rowling created. I wish it exists and I’d rather go to Hogwarts than our ordinary schools.”

There you have it! Tell us what your favourite movie and why by commenting here on or Facebook!

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