Yannick Bovy returns to Malaysia once again!

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The singer most often compared to Michael Buble for his soulful voice that takes back to the time of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole will be melting everyone hearts when he makes his way to Malaysia in conjunction with the Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time event this November.

One of Belgium’s biggest new musical talents, the Theoretical Love singer has the looks, flair and charisma for Jazz. Yannick first gained international recognition for his undeniable talent when his single She’s Even More Beautiful was played by radio stations in Belgium, Holland, Poland, Brazil and across Asia.

His debut album Better Man features fifteen tracks and is described as a classy tribute to the maestros of Jazz especially with Yannick’s cover of Frank Sinatra’s I’ve Got You Under My Skin. Now joining Australian tenor Mark Vincent at the Starhill Gallery’s A Journey Through Time event, Yannick will be performing from November 22nd, 2013 to November 24th, 2013.

Hi Yannick! This will be your third visit to Malaysia, are you excited to be back?

Yes, of course I am excited to be back. It’s been two months since my last visit but I’ve really kept in touch with everybody that I’ve met and gotten to know here. I meet a lot of great people here, a lot of them from Starhill Gallery so I am very excited to be back.

What can fans expect from your visit this time round?

I’ll be performing small sets, three days in a row with two of my musicians. I’ll be bringing my piano player and my guitar player so I am hoping to just have a good time and to share my music with everybody there. I hope to have some great chemistry like I did with everybody the last time.

What do you love most about Malaysia?


The people and the food! I have only been to Kuala Lumpur and I haven’t seen much of the true country side but so far speaking just for Kuala Lumpur, I really like the people because everybody has always been so sweet and kind to me, they’ve been willing to show me around. The food, I love. Because I love Asian so that’s great for me.

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What do you love most about Asian food?

Everything really. I like spicy food. I love rice and curry, all sorts of curry, I also love spring rolls and dumplings, sushi and well everything! Haha!

If you weren’t singing and performing, what would you be doing as a career?

I think I would still be in some kind of artistic profession as well. Maybe like an artist or a painter, drawing pictures.

What is your favourite song from the past five years?

Oh I don’t have one particular favourite song. I have too many to name, it really depends on my mood. If I’m happy, I like something upbeat, if I’m sad I’d prefer something more mellow so I can’t name one song. Haha…

What is the one thing that not a lot of people know about you?

This is the tough one. I don’t know if the people in Malaysia know about this but in fact I do have a creative profession besides performing and singing. It’s more of a managing profession that I have the ownership together with my father over five hair dressing salons around Belgium so I don’t know if a lot of people already know that but that’s the thing I like to do as well.

Will you be extending your stay after your performance?

No, unfortunately not. I would sure like to do that but I have some obligations back here as well and also I have a big concert coming up so I have to be back for rehearsals that has been scheduled way ahead of time so it’s just to perform in Malaysia and unfortunately I will have to head back right after. It’s a shame really. But I hope to come back in the beginning of next year.

That will be all. Thank you so much for your time Yannick!

It’s been a pleasure, thank you so much and see you soon!


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