We got swanky with Swanky Tunes!

Swanky Tunes at The Roof. Photo courtesy of Brandon Sta Maria.
Swanky Tunes at The Roof. Photo courtesy of Brandon Sta Maria.

Club Asahi ended its 2013 league of club nights and partying with a bang at Play, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya! The invites only event saw revellers dance the night away thanks to electro madness at the Club Asahi Moscow party thanks to Russian DJs Swanky Tunes!

Born in 1998 near Moscow, Swanky Tunes is known for experimenting with various electronic styles to achieve their own sound. They moved from techno to a heavy beat influenced sound and are now one of the most sought after EDM group. The DJ trio won the Best Musical Group award at the Russian Dance Music Awards in years 2006 and 2007.


Swanky Tunes returned to Malaysia for their second time on November 13th, 2013 (Wednesday) for the Club Asahi Moscow event and they were off the hook! Party goers went crazy and tore up the dance floor the moment they took over the DJ console. Hype.My had a quick chat with Swanky Tunes before the whole party started.

Swanky Tunes interview at The Roof. Photo courtesy of Brandon Sta Maria.
Swanky Tunes interview at The Roof. Photo courtesy of Brandon Sta Maria.

Hi guys! Did you guys just get here today?

Hey hey! Oh no, we arrived on Monday, two days ago because we have days off before we play.

How long are you guys in town for?
We’re flying off tomorrow. It’s back to Moscow for us.

You’ve graced Malaysia with your presence before, what is it like being back?

It’s good. Zouk was great and we don’t know how the party will be tonight but we hope it’ll be good. The club is really cool, it’s new, it still smells of construction…hahaha…but yeah the place is cool, we like it and we hope it’ll be great tonight!

What can fans expect from Swanky Tunes tonight?

Tonight, a lot of new tracks. I think some songs that everybody knows, some new tracks from other guys, our own new tracks and well just good music in our opinion.


How does the Malaysian crowd compare to those from all the other countries and places you’ve played at?

Well you know, it’s a good crowd. Everywhere has a good crowd so it doesn’t really matter where we are but the Asian crowd can be pretty shy at the very beginning but after a while, after they’ve warmed up, it get really pumping and it’s good, it’s great in fact.

You’ve been here since Monday, did you managed to explore the city?

Oh yes we have! We had the chance to go to KLCC, we even went to Aquaria and we tried the food. We love it!

With your experience in Malaysia so far, what would you say you love most about our country and would you come back?

Well this is our second time here so we hope the crowd will be as cool as it was the last time. We are really happy to be here again, we like the food, the people and we are definitely looking forward to coming back. We don’t know when but we will.

What do you think about Hardwell being number one?

We know Hardwell personally and he deserves it. He’s a great guy, he does his own music, he doesn’t copy anything and he works hard. We’ve known him since he started, no one knew him then and right now he’s the number one DJ in the world. He went from being nothing to becoming everything, becoming the number one DJ and he deserves it. Respect to the new king!

Is there an album in the works?

Actually no. But we are planning one for next year maybe. We have a lot of plans to release music and tracks at the end of this year and all of next year. We are planning twelve releases over the next twelve months and it’s a lot of work to do. Especially since we have a lot of gigs and with the touring, we are barely in the studio – so many demands but yeah it’s the process and we have some plans to release some tracks this year and more next year. We just got done with our Australian tour and now our Asian, our next one is our US tour so that’s about a month and a half away from the studio but there are three of us so it’s pretty cool because one of us can always stay back in the studio to work on the music. It doesn’t take as fast but it’s in the works.

What do you think about the EDM scene in Malaysia, do you foresee it overtaking the European and American scene?

We think it’s on the way. It’s just a matter of time because Asia is a big market and it will develop in the next few years. EDM is going around the globe, everybody wants a dance record but we would say Asia is the second biggest market in the world right now after America. The Asian region is so huge with so many different countries and cultures so it’s definitely growing!

That wraps it up! Thank you so much guys.

It was our pleasure, see you at Play!

Press play to enjoy this track by Swanky Tunes!

Photos courtesy of Brandon Sta Maria.

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