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Music brings people together, even more so if they’re homegrown! Hype Malaysia realises the abundance of talents here in Malaysia and Hype Malaysia is taking that step to showcase and recognise these talents! We present you with the third rendition of Hype Sessions #3 featuring Seven Days Of Sunny June!

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Seven Days of Sunny June is a band consisting of seven members from various backgrounds. The band consists of lead vocalist Kyren Thomas, lead guitarist Brandon Sta Maria, drummer and percussionist Terry Fredericks, bassist Lim Chu Hang, backup vocalist, rhythm guitarist and percussionist Clifford Tan and backup vocalists Orealia Soliano and Ashely Chan.

The band originally started off with just Brandon and Kyren who decided to form a band after a random jam session. From there, Brandon pulled Terry in as he and Terry have been playing together way before this and the three of them set out to look for more members to complete their band. The band then went through several line up reshuffles before settling with the members they have now.

Having performed together for slightly over a year now, the band went through a couple of name changes before they finally decided on the Seven Days Of Sunny June, which is perfect since they are made up of seven members. Together, they have fun making music with their own sound and they also do covers of populars songs in which they add their own flair to, making the song their own.

Focusing more on a funky, blues jazz kind of sound, they are unique and they always get the crowd grooving at live sets. Major influences of the band include John Mayer, Jamiroquai, BB King, Solianos, N.E.R.D, Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton, Frank Ocean and many more.

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Though only having performed together for slightly over a year, the members of Seven Days Of Sunny June have been friends for quite some time now. Together, they are more than just a band, they are a close knit of friends, family even. Previously known as Kyren Thomas and friends, Seven Days Of Sunny June have performed on the stages of Urbanscapes 2012, RTB at The Bee Publika, Eleanors and many more.

Seven Days Of Sunny June are currently in the midst of recording their debut single Selamat Pagi Sayang and are also working on more original tracks. For more updates on Seven Days Of Sunny June, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.


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