Best known for their hit single Alive, Krewella has released a remarkable full-length album. Made up off sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf and producer Kris “Rain Man” Tindl, Krewella’s debut album titled Get Wet has taken the EDM world by storm. The talented trio are reinventing the sounds of EDM with their debut album.


Sisters Jahan and Yasmine who are the songwriters and vocalists of the trio display their beautiful, smooth and strong vocals in each track on the album. Apart from the vocals, Kris’ choice of instrumentation on each song allows for loops of hooky riffs with groovy dance beats. Each track is so different of each other that the albums serves as a full on dance album that will keep listeners pleased all night long.


Unbelievably catchy, the combination of vocal melodies by the sisters and beats from Kris, will have the tracks on this album cemented into listeners’ brains. Get Wet opens with Live for the Night, a club anthem that builds a ridiculously high amount of energy to kick off the other tracks on the album. Punchy hooks, brilliant contrast betweens change-ups and solid vocals, this track is set to get the crowd in the mood.

Get Wet consists of twelve ear-grabbing tracks that is no short of EDM deliciousness that will turn anyone into an EDM fan. Hype.My loves every track on the album that we can’t pick a favourite!



Check out Live For The Night – the opening track of the album here:

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