All-male Australian hip-hop dance and pop music group, Justice Crew consists of members Lukas Bellesini, Paul Eric Merciadez, John Len Ruela Pearce, Len John Ruela Pearce, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Samson Cosray Smith and Solo Tohi. They gained worldwide recognition when they won the fourth season of Australia’s Got Talent in 2010 which led to them signing a deal with Sony Music Australia.

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Justice Crew ventured away from dancing and released their debut single And Then We Dance in August of 2010. Their single peaked at number 26 on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). Their second single, Friday to Sunday was released short after their first single and was certified double platinum. Following their instant success, Justice Crew released their debut compilation album Justice Crew Party Mix and the boys have received two nominations at the ARIA Music Awards for Most Popular Australian Artists and Most Popular Australian Live Artist. Boom Boom the group’s fifth single which was released in 2012 is their first number one single.

The boys of Justice Crew made their way to Malaysia yesterday as part of their promo and Hype.My managed to have a quick chat with them.


Q: What is Justice Crew‘s favourite song to dance to?

JC: We have a lot of songs to dance to, a lot of favourites. We love dancing to a lot of Skrillex – dubstep or anything with a heavy beat. We are however trying to be as diverse as possible so we can incorporate our dance to any style of song.

Q: Out of all your dance moves, which one never fails?
JC: Oh this has to be the one that Lukas does! He does this thing with his hands called the hollowback, it’s always a crowd pleaser. Oh and definitely the head spin too!

Q: What is the first thing that comes to mind when Justice Crew thinks of dance and music?

JC: A PARTY! A party and a whole lot of fun – letting loose, doing our thing, just enjoying ourselves.

Q: What was it like to win Australia’s Got Talent?

JC: It’s quite unreal, felt like a dream. When they said our name, we were like is this really happening? haha! It was weird, like we were on stage and we are all so shocked, in a good way. We are all really happy.

Q: How has it been since then?


JC: It’s been a crazy journey. It’s been great and just plain crazy. People know our name, people all over the world are saying they are big fans and are asking us when we are going to their country – like wow! It’s really humbling to know that people appreciate what we do so it’s good and hopefully we continue to grow, reach more fans and peak at the top!

Hype.My thanks Justice Crew for their time and Sony Music Malaysia for this opportunity.

Check out Justice Crew’s latest single Everybody here:

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