Mother monster, Lady Gaga showed her love for Muppets earlier this week and now she shows that she also loves being almost completely nude.

Known for her her quirky and wild fashion style from blond pop celebrity style to floral helmets, meat dresses and nipple covers as tops, the Applause singer bares all once again on the new promotional art for her Do What U Want collaboration with singer-songwriter and producer R. Kelly.

Following her nudity on the cover of ARTPOP, Lady Gaga is now pictured covered in nothing but moss on her promotional art for Do What U Want, one of the few fresh songs that Lady Gaga will be rolling out before the release of ARTPOP on November 11, 2013. Do What U Want will be available for download on October 21st, 2013 (Monday) and a sample can be heard on a new commercial.

Do What U Want Promo Art

Listen to the sample here:


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Mother Monster, Lady Gaga Poses Nude On ARTPOP Album Cover

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