All hell broke loose last night when two Malaysian celebrities got into a Twitter war.

Syamsul Yusof, local director and actor has decided to remain silent after the controversy that surrounded his movie KL Gangster 2. The movie which was leaked and pirated before it even premiered has caused a stir as Syamsul missed his premier. However, fans nor the media has yet to receive a single comment or feedback from Syamsul about his thoughts on it.

After a long silence, Syamsul decided to break it by firing back at actress Sharifah Amani who condemned the favourtism going in the industry with her tweets. The two were seen exchanging tweets that included Syamsul who sent a direct tweet to Sharifah’s mom calling Sharifah rude and Sharifah telling Syamsul to leave her mom out of it in as a response to his tweet.


The Sepet actress then cleared the air with her other tweets stating that she respects Syamsul’s work and is just disturbed by the unfairness and obvious double standard treatment in the industry.



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