No holds barred, Chris Brown revealed everything about losing his virginity at a really young age and his infamous assault incident with Rihanna in his interview with The Guardian.

The singer who revealed that he lost his virginity when he was eight years old admitted that he used to hang around with his older cousins watching porn and felt ready for sex at an early age. When asked about losing his virginity, he told The Guardian that he was eight and his first time was with a local girl who was fourteen or fifteen years of age.

Chris who knew early on that he wanted to be a singer was discovered by a record producer when he was thirteen and his career took off two years after with the release of his double-platinum debut album Chris Brown. As things were starting to go great for the singer, his career took a turn for the worst in February of 2009 when he got into a physical altercation with girlfriend at that time, Rihanna.

Chris Brown and girlfriend at the time, Rihanna
Chris Brown and girlfriend at the time, Rihanna

Calling the incident “the biggest wake-up call for him”, Chris said he realised her had to stop acting like a crazy, wild and young teenager. Since that incident, Chris has went on to win a Grammy and he also released three more albums saying he wanted to prove people wrong by making a comeback after the controversy.

However, just as it may seem like he’s accomplished that goal, the Fine China singer, faced another roadblock in August when a judge revoked his probation by giving him an additional one thousand hours of community service after his hit-and-run accident earlier this summer.

Unhappy with the judge’s decision, Chris referred to the ruling as spiteful and said, “Community service, that sh-t is a b-tch. I’ll be honest – and you can quote me on that – that is a motherf–ker there. For me, I think it’s more of a power trip for the DA. I can speak freely now, because I don’t really care what they say about it, but as far as, like, the 1,000 extra hours they gave me, that’s totally fricking bananas.”

Chris Brown at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet
Chris Brown at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Chris went on saying, “They want me to be the example. Young black kids don’t have the fairer chances. You can see Lindsay Lohan in and out of court every day, you see Charlie Sheen, whoever else, do what they want to do. There hasn’t been any incident that I started since I got on probation, even with the Frank Ocean fight, the Drake situation, all those were defence modes. People think I just walk around as the aggressor, this mad black guy, this angry, young, troubled kid, but I’m not. I’m more and more laid-back. It’s just that people know if they push a button, it’ll make more news than their music. Attaching themselves to me, good or bad, will benefit them.”

When asked about where he saw himself in the future, Chris said he wants to be rich and sell ground-breaking numbers on an album. Maybe that success will come with his next album, X, which is set to his stores on November 19th.


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