Uh oh, we spot a copycat!

Directed by Jason Chong, local film Ular is the first movie of its genre done in Malaysia. The movie that features a cast of Yusry Abdul Halim, Lisa Surihani dan Izzue Islam tells the tale of a crime reporter who has to cover a story of a vacation resort on an island due to being suspended from work.bc729c2a-b2e7-45ef-a113-efb79d801de3

Though interesting and first of its kind in Malaysia, the main draw to the movie is not so much its story line but more of its poster! Based on comparison done on Anacondas’ Facebook page, the poster of Ular is a little too similar to the one of Anacondas. We reckoned that the posters are similar as both stories are about snakes but we would prefer something a little more original.



Ular is set to be out in cinemas on December 5th 2013.


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