Finally after a long trial, concert promoters, AEG Live, were pronounced not guilty for the death of Michael Jackson by a six-man, six-woman jury.

AEG Live was accused of contributing to the death of our beloved King of Pop who passed away in 2009 by his mother Katherine Jackson. Katherine had accused the concert promoters for negligently hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to oversee Michael’s medical care without screening the doctor or showing concern to signs that her fifty year old son’s health was deteriorating.



The jury acknowledge that Dr. Conrad was indeed hired by AEG Live but he was not incapable of performing the services asked of him. The doctor was charged with involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for overseeing the dose of the anaethestic propofal that killed Michael.

The jury started deliberations on Thursday after reviewing almost five months worth of testimonies from witnesses that included Katherine, Michael’s children, Prince and Paris; and ex-wife Deborah Rowe. The juror also requested for a dozen copies of the contract between AEG Live and Dr. Conrad, a copy of the This Is It documentary and a DVD player.

thisisit1AEG Live’s attorney Marvin Putnam, released a statement stating that the jury’s decision completely vindicates the concert promoters and that Michael’s death was a horrible tragedy but not one of AEG Live’s doing. Katherine who was present during the reading of the verdict had no comment.


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