Now Sharon Osbourne is not a lady that you would want to mess with. Unfortunately for Dannii Minogue, she drew that straw when she and Sharon were at each other’s throats during their joint stint on the X Factor judging panel in 2007. Sharon revealed that Dannii was unbearable to work with, more so after she went on her affair with Simon Cowell.

The sixty year old is back on the panel of judges of X Factor this year alongside Gary Barlow, Nicole Sherzinger and Louis Walsh. In Unbreakable, Sharon’s autobiography, due to be published on October 10th 2013, Sharon claimed that the affair between fellow judge Danni and boss Simon caused a stir in their relationship and made her stomach churn. Sharon further stated that things became worse for her and Dannii as time went by and she tried to lessen the tension between the judges by calling a meeting with producer Richard Holloway but that was to no avail.

Sharon and Dannii during happier times on X Factor
Sharon and Dannii during happier times on X Factor

Sharon eventually gave Simon an ultimatum making him choose between the two judges but he refused to do so. Sharon went on to say that she was a successful businesswoman, a mum, a wife and established as a show judge who was made out to be jealous of a young and single woman who cannot sing.


Sharon also admitted that money was the main reason she didn’t return to the fifth season of X Factor but Dannii played a role in her decision making as well.


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