Now everyone loves a good spoof video and if you follow the Jimmy Kimmel live show, you’ll know that no one loves a good video spoof as much as this funny talk show host does. However, his latest spoof landed him in a Twitter feud against Kanye West.

The rapper and Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy launched into a all-caps, deranged Twitter outburst after Jimmy’s comedy bit mocked a recent BBC interview of Kanye’s. The video spoof by Jimmy had a child read Kanye’s answers to show how childish they sounded and that pushed Kanye over the edge.

Kanye continued to attack Jimmy with image macros on Twitter and instead of stooping to Kanye’s new level of low, Jimmy responded with some tongue-in-cheek tweets of his own.


The video spoof that got Kanye all riled up. Check it out!


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