Taking plastic surgery a little too far, Lindsay Lohan’s estranged half sister, Ashley Horn spent a grand twenty five thousand dollars on plastic surgery to look like her famous sibling.

Ashley who shares the same father as Lindsay underwent five procedures to get her famous sibling’s unique look. Her surgeries done by Houston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, includes a nose job, a rhinoplasty, refinement underneath her cheeks and jawline, some fat injected into her chin and some fat injected into her upper cheeks.

Ashley claims that she wanted to look like Lindsay during her peak of her fame and believes that she is now hotter than Lindsay. She further continued by saying that she may look like Lindsay but the two have nothing in common, personality wise as she does not have a penchant for partying.

Ashley pictured in 2011 before undergoing surgery
Ashley pictured in 2011 before undergoing surgery

18-year old, Ashley aspires to be a Hollywood star herself and claims to have no future plans in contacting as well as reaching out to Lindsay. News that Lindsay had a half sister emerged two years ago after rumours speculated that Ashley’s mother Kristi had a secret affair with Michael Lohan while he was still married to now ex-wife, Dina Lohan and a DNA test was done to confirm the relationship. Both Lindsay and Ashley no longer speak to their father Michael.


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