World War Z is the sixth and latest phase expansion at the Lynton V Harris’ Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon. Now, the attraction boasts an additional expansion with a brand new live action experience that will have film and theme park fans running for their life!

Coinciding with the launch of the movie, New York based, The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company and Paramount Pictures hosted a special screening of World War Z at Sunway Pyramid followed by an exclusive tour of the movie’s “live” counterpart at Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon.

Bill Holman, Consultan Director of Sunway Lagoon (R) along with Edward F Michitsch, Executive Vice President of Sudden Impact! Entertainment with the Zombies (1)


Executive Vice President of New York based The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, Edward F. Michitsch said, “We are very excited to partner with Paramount Pictures in Hollywood to create this exclusive opportunity here in Malaysia whereby we are creating a thrilling live adventure experience to coincide and support the opening of the blockbuster movie World War Zstarring Brad Pitt”.

At present, the latest “phase” of the ever expanding scare attraction at Sunway Lagoon is the first and only live attraction in the world based on the film which revolves around an ex-United Nations investigator played by actor Brad Pitt, involved in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies, governments and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

For more pictures from the launch of Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon’s “World War Z”, check out our gallery!:

You’ve seen the movie, now live the adventure.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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