There are comic books, there are” comic-book-turned-movie”s, and then there are “comic-book-turn-movie”s that were done well. “World War Z” falls quite comfortably into that category. The thing with “comic-book-turn-movie”s is that they always need to be visually-driven. Very visually-driven. So you can expect that when you step into the cinema to watch “World War Z”, within seconds, you’d have things jumping out at you.

Set in a time of a zombie-like virus outbreak, “World War Z” centers around ex-UN Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt) who gets swept up and right smack into the outbreak.

World War Z Brad Pitt


He is then called back (or rather, threatened back) into duty. His task? Oh so easy peasy – to save the world. But herein lies the problem! Nobody can identify where the zombie-like virus originated from and soon enough, Gerry will have to travel halfway across the world to Korea and discover that even that trace has been reduced to a pile of ash.


Note: At this point, you might think that the whole purpose of Korea being in the movie is just a little redundant. You’re absolutely right.

World War Z Zombies

Anyway, then things take a turn when Gerry finds himself in Israel, where the situation is seemingly and oddly under control. The walls are high, containing the uninfected within and separating the horde of (wonderfully fast and CGI-ed) undeads from the living. How did the entire city of Jerusalem know beforehand that the outbreak was going to happen? Were they the ones behind it all?

More importantly, will Gerry find his answers in, of all places, Israel?

[youtube id=”4EC7P5WdUko” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We won’t spoil it for you, but do walk in with an open mind. “World War Z” is here for one and one reason only – its entertainment value. Catch the movie in a cinema near you today!


For more information, visit its official website.

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