MTV Japan today announced that it is launching Twitter Mirror at this year’s 12th annual MTV Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ), making it the first music and entertainment platform to launch this social media technology for such large-scale events not only in Japan, but in Asia. “Twitter Mirror” will give fans exclusive live “backstage access” to the VMAJ, by enabling celebrities to snap photos backstage during the red carpet event and instantly post them online. Tweets will be posted through MTV Japan’s official Twitter account, accompanied by the hashtag #VMAJ.

The exciting new service had been launched at star-studded events in the US such as Grammy Awards 2013 or The Oscars 2013 where celebrities could automatically tweet photos through the events’ official twitter accounts, simply by posing in front of the mirror. “Twitter Mirror” has now been brought to Japan and exclusively introduced at this occasion.



The feature ‘Twitter Mirror” is much like a photo booth and will send self-portraits of celebrities directly online. Each tweet automatically gets the hashtag (#VMAJ) and posted to the official MTV Japan’s official twitter account (@MTV_JAPAN). Sharing these real-time experiences with rare shots of the stars behind the stage will enable fans to be more engaged at the event.

Meanwhile, check out the nominees for this year’s awards here.

The MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2013 will premiere on MTV Japan on 23rd June 2013 (Sunday) at 8pm (Tokyo), and will air across MTV’s global network including MTV Asia.

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