The hunt for Malaysia’s best B-Boy to represent the country at the world prestige one-on-one B-Boy competition took place over the weekend at the Red Bull BC One Cypher Malaysia, created by Red Bull Blue & Silver from Europe.

Over 150 b-boys stormed Chin Woo Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, ready to show the judges what they have to offer to be chosen as “The One”. As the judges decide on the best top 16 b-boy, the final 16 had a balanced share of old and new faces, with at least 5 b-boys that were also in last year’s final, including 2012 champion B-boy Juicy.

The cypher saw one of the best battles between brothers as B-boy Juicy and B-boy Khenobu battle each other at the top- 8 round. The 20 year-old full time b-boy clearly out-shined his older brother and eventually took home the title.


Red Bull Malaysia Cypher One 2013

Heading the judging the panel at this year’s Cypher is Red Bull BC One All Star Roxrite who has won 82 B-Boy accolades from major and prestige B-Boys tournaments along with Singapore b-boy True Colours and Malaysia’s b-boy Sabamon of Giller Battle Crew.

B-boy Khenobu will be heading to the Red Bull BC One Asia-Pacific qualifier in Tokyo, Japan this coming September. If he wins there, he will be one of the final 16 to battle on a global stage at the world final in Seoul, Korea this December. Thrilled by his win, Khenobu is ready and excited to show the world what Malaysian b-boys are all about.

Red Bull Cypher One 2013

Red Bull BC One All Star Roxrite was impressed by Khenobu’s skills and energy and believes he stands a chance at the Asia Pacific stage, “If he keeps doing what he does and practice hard, he will have a real chance to make it far in the Asia Pacific stage”. Roxrite also conducted 3 workshops in Malaysia (Penang, Johor and Kuala Lumpur), giving local b-boys an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best.

For more information, visit their website.

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