The ghost of Michael Jackson has made a surprise appearance, after a court heard evidence that the singer had reached out from beyond the grave to reveal his death was an accident. The bizarre revelation came from Randy Phillips, CEO of concert promoter AEG. Mr Phillips’ company is being sued by the Jackson family over the late star’s death.

The CEO told a court in California he was called by Brenda Richie, the ex-wife of pop star Lionel Richie, who said Jackson had got in touch with her from beyond the grave, according to The Sun.

“Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael, either through a medium or directly. She said Michael told her it wasn’t Dr Murray’s fault – that he had accidentally killed himself”, Mr Phillips reportedly told the court.


Michael Jackson Ghost

The testimony was allowed to stand despite howls of laughter in the court room, The Sun reported. If you ask us, we’re not sure how the tale of a ghost can hold up in court.

The family accused AEG of negligence, blaming the company for hiring doctor Conrad Murray – since jailed for prescribing the singer a fatal overdose in 2009.


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