12 finalists teams with the most resilient relationships have been selected from over 170 entries to participate in the first ever cooking competition held by IKEA Malaysia. Concurrent with the Cook-Off, the IKEA store will also stay wide open for 25 hours for the first time with a host of round-the-clock amazing product deals up for grabs and fun activities with exciting prizes for family and friends.

Represented by pair of husband and wife, parent and child, siblings and friends, these teams are set to put their culinary skills and relationships to test and compete in a series of exciting challenges at the Cook-Off throughout 25 hours. The Cook-Off spotlights RM38,000 worth of total prizes in the form of IKEA Gift Cards, including RM10,000 to be awarded to the coveted champion for their dream kitchens.



The 12 participating teams will be divided into two groups to complete a total of 12 challenges in 25 hours, where their results and performance are meticulously judged on both quantitative and qualitative measures by guest judges, Chef Anis Nabilah and Chef Muluk Rambli and a panel judges from IKEA. Merit points are allocated based on results, which are then accumulated to determine the winner.

The challenges are designed to not only test their culinary skills but also the strength of their relationships. Some of the challenges include:

  • “Decorating Duo” – Where each team is given two cakes to decorate with one blindfolded member.
  • “What Can They Make?” – Where teams will draw lots and receive a mystery box of condiments and ingredients to create 2 different starters and one main dish.
  • “Expressions on a Plate” – Where teams are given specific recipes to create and build on with their individual flair.


The prizes are as follows:

  • One (1) Grand Prize: RM10,000
  • One (1) 2nd Prize: RM6,000
  • One (1) 3rd Prize: RM4,000
  • Nine (9) Consolation Prizes: RM2,000 each

Join in the fun as the IKEA store will stay wide-eyed open for 25 hours for the first time with a host of round-the-clock amazing product deals up for grabs in the wee hours. There will also be fun activities for the kids and adults, game prizes to be won, and buffet supper!

Note: Details of the winners will be announced on 18th June here.

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