With Dash Berlin’s #musicislife World Tour 2013 just three more sleeps away, we can almost taste the excitement in the air. While all you party people are gearing up for the long night of dancing, we stole the world’s #1 female DJ, Lisa Lashes away for a little one-on-one! She’ll be making a guest appearance on 15th June 2013 (Saturday) and as you can tell, she’s mad excited:

Hi Lisa! How is it going? Where are you right now and what are you currently up to?

“I’m currently in Bali after finishing a HeavensGate Indonesia tour with Alex Morph and Woody. Going through lots of emails and chilling by the pool as I have a lot to do when I get back to the UK including back on a plane to see you guys in KL, EDC in Vegas, block booking studio time so I can go and be creative hen I’m back in the UK.”


So, you’re coming back to Kuala Lumpur for your gig at Sepang International Circuit. What has been your best memory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

“I always have fun times in Malaysia as it’s a beautiful place filled with beautiful welcoming people and it’s an honor to be invited back yet again. I’m so looking forward to playing at the International Circuit too as it will be a first time experience for me.”

[youtube id=”FE35DOgW_C0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

You’ve been such a prominent figure in the electronic dance music scene and over the years, your style of music evolved. What inspired that shift from hard house to trance?

“I’ve always been very versatile with my music playing main sets, back room sets, which were different styles of music. Hard House I moved away from over four years ago as it’s always good to keep changing the way you think about music and music preferences have changed for me over the years as I’m sure they have for most people who are artistic.”

Has that shift been well received by the fans who have been lovingly devoted to you since your “Queen of Hard Dance” days? What has their feedback/response been like?

“I’ve not had any complaints so far and to be honest, there have been lots of positive results especially in the UK as the scene that was so big many years ago is just not there anymore. Things move on and I’m glad I’ve been allowed to express this in my music after so many years.”

Lisa Lashes


While we’re still on the topic (of music and styles), pray tell – what is currently on your playlist/iPod right now?

“As I’ve been on a beach in Bali, I’ve been listening to Bruno Mars and some chilled Kruger and Dorfmeister so nothing too crazy.”

Describe the perfect Lisa Lashes day off.

“I’m doing it now in Bali sipping an iced Strawberry milkshake in the sun with my feet dipped in the pool.”

Leave a message/shoutout for Hype Malaysia readers and your Malaysian fans!

“Hope you all get your dancing shoes polished off and ready for the big party. Let’s make it an event to remember.”

Yes, let’s. See you this weekend, Lisa! Also, special thanks to our friends from Global Sound Masters for making this exclusive interview happen.

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