Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam has often kept her love life under wraps. But the 47-year-old singer took the unusual step of confirming that she is still dating drummer Jun Kung, who is 11 years her junior, in a Facebook post on Monday.

“I am, I have been and will continue to be in a most loving relationship with this beautiful person, his name is Jun Kung”, she said over Facebook, in response to recent rumours which claimed they are no longer together. Lam, who is known for her hits like “Paper Plane” and “Scars”, has apparently been dating Kung for about two years now, and is currently living with him.

The breakup rumours surfaced when Kung was spotted at nightclubs recently. Lam was said to have become upset by his behavior and ended their relationship, leading to his absence from her Shanghai concert in May, after touring with her for several months as her drummer. However, Lam expressed that this was not the case.


Sandy Lam Jun Kung

The singer urged the public not to believe “the garbage and malice written on these gossip magazines”, adding that “there isn’t a single oz of truth in any of these reports”. “Our society do not need any more negative pollution of our minds and spirit through such irresponsible reports and behaviour of these paparazzi and tabloids magazine editors”, said Lam.

When the Hong Kong media questioned Kung about the matter, he explained that he was absent from Lam’s concert as he wanted to spend time on his music production business this year, and had also declined an offer to tour with Hong Kong singer Eason Chan.


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