Apple, aiming to overcome recent missteps and keep its cutting-edge reputation, is expected to unveil a music streaming service along with fresh hardware and software at an annual conference on Monday (10th June 2013). Speculation that Apple will provide developers with a look at an online radio service heightened Friday with reports that the California company had inked a content deal with Sony Music.

Universal and Warner music groups are already said to be on board with Apple, and enlisting the Japanese entertainment giant would mean that all three major music labels have been won over to the service.

“They need a streaming audio service to remain at the forefront of their customers’ music experience. People are moving to Rdio, Spotify and even Google Music; Apple can’t rely just on the iTunes store model anymore”, said Forrester analyst Charles Golvin. Apple appears to have the software and services in place and had only to work out “niggling details” regarding business relationships with labels owning music and publishing rights, according to Golvin.


“I would not be surprised to see an Apple radio service or streaming music service”, Gartner analyst Van Baker said while sharing thoughts on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), opening Monday.

iRadio Apple

Apple hardware design guru Jonathan Ive is expected to get the spotlight during an opening presentation at the conference packed with the makers of applications that help fuel love of the company’s iPads, iPhones, and other devices. Ive was put in charge of the iOS software powering Apple mobile devices after the ousting of Scott Forstall in the wake of the launch of an iPhone maps programme which was a spectacular flop.

Apple was forced to make a highly embarrassing apology in September for its glitch-ridden maps application in the operating system used by the iPhone 5 and urged customers to use rival programs while improvements are made.


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