Fans are angry after Rihanna showed up more than two hours late for a concert in Belgium last week. She had reportedly been partying all night and was accused of being drunk and stoned.

The singer enraged fans in Antwerp with two disastrous performances after she finally showed up. She was then accused of lip-synching after hitting the town until 4am. RadarOnline reports Riri was almost two hours late to her first show on Wednesday, after shopping away the afternoon at the Alaia showroom in Paris. And when she finally showed up, the audience was less than impressed.

Music critic Sasha Van Der Speeten of the Standaard newspaper titled her review, “Rihanna in a Bad Place”:


There was a wall of reinforced concrete between Rihanna and the public at Sportpaleis. The pop icon played almost two hours on autopilot. It had the effect of a Valium overdose.

Just some words. Shameless, careless. How f*****g lazy and complacent can you get, girl? Besides the bored swaying back and forth like a drugged rich baby during “We Found Love”, she didn’t dance.

Rihanna even gave a male fan an erotic lap dance during an earlier concert. She brought the man up on stage, then jumped on top of him, straddling him and writhing up and down his chest. Dressed in a kinky black corset, she grabbed his hand and pushed it to her chest and seductively moved it down her body.

Rihanna Belgium

Whoa. Down, girl.


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