On June 15, Heineken Malaysia will be opening the doors of KL Live to Heineken Green Room to exhibit a supercharged showcase of music and creative artists. Look forward to a live line up that runs from top New York indie surf-poppers The Drums to Malaysian hipster pin-up Darren Ashley, DJ action from disco and psych-infused electronica experts Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), Deer Society, and Twilight Actiongirl (TAG).

This roll call of international and local talent is complemented by a visual arts line up tasked with transforming the interior of KL Live into a futuristically themed arts space. Starting the night early in one of our newly created art spaces, curated by visual artist themancalleduncle, will be a special Green Room edition of Pecha Kucha, the global design networking and social event Pecha Kucha founded in Tokyo. Presented in collaboration with British Council, this special music-themed edition will bring together Malaysian creatives from all walks of life to deliver fast moving presentations explaining their passion for music.

Hosted by Twilight Actiongirl’s Bunga, they’ve got an amazing line up of Heineken alumni and stylish scenesters delivering their 20 slides at 20 seconds each. You can expect to get to the stories behind the music with Heineken Thirst winners like DJ Blink, outspoken fashion photographer Vincent Paul Yong, radio DJ Mmmeng, style and music journalist Miranda Yeoh, Green Room collaborator Irman Hilmi (The Off-Day).


Heineken Green Room Malaysia 2013

Helping to create that unique experience will be architectural design collective Kontak! Turning the idea of indoor and outdoor spaces back to front, Kontak! will be using futuristic and floating materials to transform the bar into an industrially themed aerial park that floats suspended above the heads of Heineken’s music fans to create an uplifting and relaxed drinking space.

They will also be unveiling a series of exclusive commissions from some of Malaysia’s leading emerging visual artists. Lecturer and gallery owner James Ly combines striking graphic design with freehand collaging work. His work for Heineken Green Room, titled Reciprocal Phantasmagoria, explores how pop culture remixes and re-consumes itself and imagines how we can break out of cycles of behaviour to push our societies forwards.

The Off-Day, a new retail and design space by Irman Hilmi, will be premiering Malaysian Rock History. The work is a series of gig posters that reimagines Malaysia’s music history through a new filter, and asks, what would the local music landscape have been like in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s if platforms like Heineken Green Room had existed then?

Keep up to date with Heineken Green Room on Facebook and Twitter. Music fans can also catch up with our ever-evolving Heineken Green Room playlist on Spotify, crowd-sourced by Heineken and some of our musical friends in Malaysia.

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