Every once in a while, we bump into friends that we have not met in ages and find much have changed. Yet he or she brings back a familiar part of our past, whether pleasant or otherwise, and the unexpected reunion can open up a new chapter of the friendship, and sometimes even more than that.

ONE’s upcoming South Korean drama series “Only Because It’s You” plays out such an interesting scenario as a lot happens after a trio of high school girl friends reunite in their mid-thirties – in fact 117 episodes trace their rekindled friendship that turns into a rivalry in life and love. The drama series follows the joys and sorrows of reunited high school friends Kang Jin Joo, Yang Soo Bin and Yoon Gong Ja who once bravely skipped school together in the face of impending examinations.

Fast-forward 18 years, Yoon Hae Young (Love and Ambition) plays Jin Joo who is now married to Chun Myung Han (Park Hyuk Kwon, Deep Rooted Tree), has a bright and sweet young daughter, but has to work hard alongside her husband as colleagues in the same company.



In contrast, Soo Bin, played by Yoon Ji Min (Warrior Baek Dong Soo), has married into a well-to-do family, but is in an unhappy marriage that is already on the rocks. On the other hand, Gong Ja (Fashion King) is still unable to make up her mind about love and offers much of a comic relief in the series.

Afraid to be judged by each other, the trio of friends pretends that all is well and encourage each other. But when Soo Bin’s marriage eventually heads for a divorce, envy drives her to tempt Jin Joo’s husband. Soo Bin’s ex-husband Ji Hwan, (Lee Jae Hwang, Smile, Mom), will try to foil her attempt to steal Jin Joo’s husband. Things are never the same again for the three friends…

“Only Because It’s You” premieres on 17th June 2013 (Monday), airing from Mondays to Fridays at 10:10pm in dual sound, first and exclusively on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Ch393).

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