So you might’ve already heard that Hanzo Ng, one of the contenders of the brand new Asian adaptation of “The Apprentice”, was booted out of the reality TV show last week.

Hanzo has always chosen the road less taken. Even as one of the few candidates without a bachelor’s degree, Hanzo exudes an air of confidence and is all ready to demolish the competition. He might also have an edge as a fan who has watched all the different franchises of “The Apprentice”, from the US , UK to the Irish and Australian editions.

We took him aside for an exclusive interview not long after the episode of “The Apprentice Asia” in which he was eliminated from aired on AXN. Oh, you know, just checking on him to see if he was a-okay!


Hi Hanzo. What’s happening? Where are you right now?

“Hello! I’m in the office, and talking to you! (laughs)”

Did you watch last week’s episode of “The Apprentice Asia”? Was that hard to stomach for you?

“Yes I did. Every time I watch it, the memory of being on the show comes back. The good part is, I’m like, yes! I’m on the show! But the bad part is knowing that I’m going to get eliminated on that episode.”

Aww. And what would you have gone back and done differently if you were given a chance to do so?

“I would go back and just be project manager all the way, leading all the tasks, and becoming a leader.”


How has being a part of the show changed you? What do you think you’ve learned from this experience of being on “The Apprentice Asia”?


“The only thing that has changed me is meeting Tony Fernandes in real life and Richard Branson in real life. And the way I see these guys, they’re successful, you know..multi-million dollar empires, and they’re really cool guys. People I’d like to model after. So that’s the key thing that has stuck with me until now, to have a little bit more humility. That has changed me because I’ve always been confident, I always have great pride in what I’m doing and in what I’ve done.”

Tell us a secret – how real is the show? Is every single second real? Is anything scripted at all?

“Whatever you’ve seen and will see, it happened..but it’s not the complete picture. Because it’s still a show. It’s edited for a purpose and the purpose is to get ratings, to get viewership. Do look at it from a bigger picture so if you like someone, that’s great news. But if you don’t like someone, study what the said person does or has done outside of ‘The Apprentice Asia’. The boardroom scene, well, it’s an intense environment and the camera does capture all of that..the heightened emotions – it’s all done in just one take.”

The Apprentice Asia Hanzo

In your own opinion, amongst this year’s “The Apprentice Asia” contenders, who would you say stood out the most? Someone you admire..

“Hendy. I think Hendy is honourable, he’s nice, and he’s successful. And he’s real. What you see on camera and off camera is what he really is like. He’s my man!”

Last one for the road – what advice would you impart for the aspiring contenders of the next installment of “The Apprentice Asia”?

“My advice it and gain experience out of ‘The Apprentice Asia’ and see it as a training program because a lot of things can be done. Also, manage your PR well – be a bit wiser when the camera is on you.”

“The Apprentice” was created by reality TV guru Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor) with multi-billionaire Donald Trump as host and co-executive producer. It has been a worldwide runaway success since its debut in the United States in 2004. The Asian adaptation of the mega hit reality series, “The Apprentice Asia” will be hosted by aviation tycoon Tony Fernandes; with the production helmed by Fremantlemedia Asia.

The Apprentice Asia

Don’t forget to catch “The Apprentice Asia” tonight at 9:05pm on AXN!

For more information, visit their website.

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