Twitter’s increasingly popular Vine six-second video and creativity app is finally available on the Android platform.

Vine, which Twitter snapped up late last year, has quickly blossomed into a surprisingly versatile (and popular: Twitter reports 13 million users) app for creating not only six second video clips, but also amazing animation creations. The latter capability is all thanks to Vine’s most unique feature: the ability to stop and start recording video with a tap on the screen.

To download Vine for Android now, just search for “Vine” in the Google Play store — it comes up under Vine Labs, Inc.


VINE for Android

Vine for Android shares many of the same features as the iOS version. According to a Twitter blog post, the new app includes automatic playback and sound, Explore, popular and trending posts, Find Friends and invite others to join.

Now, however, iPhone users may have cause for jealousy: Vine for Android includes a zoom feature, which does not exist on the iOS version. On the other hand, some recent updates to the iPhone app are not included in the new Android build, such as front-facing camera support, search, mentions and hashtags. Twitter promises those will all arrive soon.

The new app is available in the Google Play Store and runs on all Android devices running version 4.0 and higher.


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