She donated one of her kidneys to her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. On Tuesday, she had a wonderful surprise when he proposed while they were at a baseball game in Kansas city, in the US. Mr. Travis Spire-Sweet, 30, was selected to throw the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals home game and his girlfriend, Miss Taesha Benson, 32, was on the field to catch it, the Daily Mail reported.

They had been chosen to throw the honorary first pitch because the game was designated as Organ Transplant And Donor Awareness Night. She didn’t catch the ball when he threw it, but she went over and hugged him. As she was leaving the field, he said to her, “Hold on one second”.

Travis Spire Sweet Proposal


He then took a ring out of his pocket and dropped to one knee as she began to realise what was going on. Said Mr. Spire-Sweet, who was born with only 25 per cent of a functioning kidney, “I thought it was a good time to thank the person who saved my life, and hopefully have the rest of my life to thank her for what she did”.

And she said, “Yes”.

Travis Spire Sweet

Their love has been well-documented as she decided to give him one of her functioning kidneys in February after dating for only a year. She said:

Initially you think, ‘How could I do that? I don’t have it in me”.

But over time, I got to know Travis and his love of life. Not many people come along who have his integrity, character and optimism. Travis just happens to be my boyfriend. He has provided me with a new love of life.

KCTV said that there was a one in 30,000 chance that she was perfect match for Mr Spire-Sweet.


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