After news spread that the woman that was found dead in Son Ho Young‘s car was his girlfriend, a post on an internet site that held her personal information spread quickly throughout the internet. Due to this incident, a photo started spreading around a picture of a woman, whom netizens thought was the deceased girlfriend.

However, the picture turned out to be of another woman, who has since then come forward to address the issue. Since then, many have been frowning upon the spread and the previous leak of personal info, saying that it is disrespectful to someone who has recently passed.



SBS released an official apology which said:

The reporter that had been investigating information on her took a photo of the information on a phone and saved it. Afterwards, the reporter used an SNS chat room to relay information to fellow SBS reporters, and in the process, accidentally sent the information to an acquaintance as well. After the information was spread, the reporter explained, “I didn’t have time to write it all down, so I had to take a photo of it”.

We will be taking precautions against leaking information in the future

SBS did not say what would be happening to the reporter though.


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