Son Ho Young is currently in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt.

According to police, Son Ho Young attempted to kill himself by lighting a piece of ignition coal in his car at 4:40am on 24th May. He was found by a passerby after he had escaped from his car, and was rushed to the hospital. The South Korean police went on to explain, “He lighted the ignition coal to commit suicide, but then a part of the car caught fire. We haven′t been able to confirm whether there was a will because the inside of the car is burnt badly, and we are trying to take a closer look”.

A source close to Son Ho Young told enews, “We′re currently trying to figure things out. He was having a very hard time, and we′re sorry about the news”.



A few days ago, Son Ho Young′s girlfriend was found dead in his car. Police sent the body to the National Forensic Service and found she died of gas poisoning, leading them to conclude she committed suicide. Son Ho Young attended the wake for her funeral soon after.

Oh dear. Our thoughts are with Son Ho Young. Please get well soon!


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