Police are investigating the apparent suicide of a woman in a car owned by Son Ho-young, a member of former boy band GOD.

Police in Gangnam said Tuesday that the woman is believed to be the girlfriend of Son Ho-young, who is also an actor. The car was parked illegally in front of an apartment complex in the trendy Apgujeong district of southern Seoul and a towing truck was about to haul it away.

The police reported:


The car was found near the Seoul Gangnam Misung Apartments on the 15th. It was towed because there was a report that there was an illegal car in that location. However, no owner appeared to claim it after a few days, so we examined the inside of the car, and discovered a dead body. We verified the owner of the car, and it was Son Ho Young. We called Son Ho Young late this afternoon to investigate this matter.


They also found three charcoal briquettes in the car along with a bottle of sleeping pills. As far as we know, they’re leaning toward suicide as a possible answer. The police stated, “We found a written will in the car (in which she spoke of being heavily in debt, so we believe this is suicide”.

Upon the shocking news, Son Ho-Young’s label stated:

It is Son Ho Young’s car. It’s also true that he is close with the deceased female, and it’s also true that he was under police investigations for this. He had met up with her often but that became less frequent because he was preparing for his album. Shortly thereafter, she suddenly cut off all contact with him, and both her family and he were worried about her. The police call then came for him for the investigation.

Currently, there is no concrete decision by the police and the case is ongoing.


The authorities will conduct an autopsy, although foul play is not suspected. The increased media attention to the death appears to warrant this procedure. The police said:


Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any foul play in the death of Son Ho Young’s girlfriend. However, since there is a lot of attention focused on this case, we are planning to perform an autopsy. We have convinced the family of the deceased to allow an autopsy to be conducted so we can clear up all doubts.

In cases of murder, bruises usually form when the victim fights back. However, the body was completely clean. In the notebook that was found, it does not specify that it is a will, but it contains words that people who commit suicide usually write. The handwriting also matches the woman’s.

Son Ho Young is said to be in a state of shock, as the couple dated for a year. They had fights here and there, like any couple, but sources say that nothing had happened between them that could have caused her to commit an act as drastic as this.

Sources: AKP, The Chosunilbo, PopCrush.

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