Kim Hyun-joong, a former member of K-pop idol group SS501, and star of “Playful Kiss” has donated 100 million won (about RM 271,500) for the victims of the Ya’an earthquake in China. The 2013 Lushsan earthquake left approximately 200 dead or missing and at least 13,000 injured.

The One Foundation, a private charity organisation in China established by Chinese actor Jet Li, disclosed Kim’s donation and conveyed his good wishes to Ya’an citizens via Chinese social platform Weibo on Friday. In return, the charity promised to use the money wisely for the reconstruction efforts.

Hyun-joong has made various donations for those in need throughout the past few years. That includes his donation to the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in 2011 and an initially anonymous donation of 50 million won to the Korean Red Cross last year.


Kim Hyun Joong 2

Moreover, he is a member of World Vision, a child sponsorship programme, and also helps Abierta’s House of Friendship in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the singer will make an appearance as a special guest at UV’s concert May 24th – May 25th at Interpark Art Center in Seoul. His new Japanese album will be released next month.


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