Thank you so much for all your submissions! Looks like we’ve got our FOUR lucky winners who will be partying it up H-Artistry in SPICE Penang (formerly known as PISA). While sipping on the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks: Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda, of course.

The winners are:

  1. Tan Jinni
  2. Jasey Ong Wei Teing
  3. Teo Jun Fook
  4. Vynnette Moh

Congratulations, party people!



There are no physical passes but your names will be on the guestlist on the event day. And the event’s deets are as follows:

Date: 25th May 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: SPICE Penang (Formerly known as PISA)

Time: Doors open at 7pm

Also, while it’s always good to have fun at parties, it’s also always good to party safe! Here’s a little handy guide to H-Artistry Penang.

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