Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB announced Darren Ashley, Danial Nazreen, Joel Raj, and Muhammad Hafiz Mohtar Rasali as the faces behind the four champion Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB submissions from Malaysia. Selected from almost 50 registered projects, these final four country winners represent the most creative Malaysian talent across the four creative categories: DJs, Vocalists/Instrumentalists, Film Makers, and Motion Graphic Artists.

The four Malaysia-based frontrunners emerged from a highly competitive field based on their exceptional portrayal of the theme “Pulse of Your City”. Darren Ashley’s Vocalist and Musician project was a spontaneous song composed and recorded in one day using Kaoss Pads. The project represents the pulsating heart of Kuala Lumpur hence, aptly named “Heartbeat”.  While Muhammad Hafiz’s Motion Graphic Design submission was a colourful insight into Malaysia as a bubbling, bustling melting-pot of cultures that coexist in peace.

MTV CO Lab Winners Malaysia


Each submission was determined based on public voting which took place from 1st – 9th May, and local mentor assessment. Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB local mentor DJ Goldfish (Alvin Teoh), assessed each of the project submissions for their creativity and originality (35%), craft and skill (35%), relevance to the theme (20%) and WOW factor (10%).

These four winners from Malaysia will join a pool of 28 country winners in total across the seven participating Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB countries – India, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – out of which only four will be selected as the final regional champions.

Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB is an integrated social platform that enables Millennials from across seven countries in Asia Pacific, to share stories about their communities through music. The projects submitted in the first phase were based on the theme “Pulse of the City” and can be viewed here.

For more information about Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB contest mechanics and official rules, visit their website.

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