A secondary school student from Rui’an, China, discovered a tiny rat’s head in his breakfast of glutinous rice given out at his school. The photo of his discovery has gone viral on micro-blogging site Weibo, with many Chinese netizens expressing horror at the gruesome discovery.

The rat’s head was roughly the size of an adult’s last fingernail, according to Chinese news reports.

Rat's Head Breakfast 3


Rui Xiang Secondary School’s principal, Mr Weng Heng Xuan, told Beijing Times that when authorities came to conduct checks in the school on 7th May, they found a jaw from a large-sized rat that looked like it had been baked. Food safety authorities have confiscated the batch of dried mushrooms and glutinous rice from the school for further investigations.

A food safety official told Chinese reporters the rat’s head likely came together with the dried mushrooms which the canteen had ordered from a supplier. He also mentioned that they found a bone in the batch of mushrooms, but have yet to identify which animal it came from.

Authorities have also conducted checks on the dried mushroom supplier, but did not find traces of rat in their goods. However, they confiscated a batch of chopped dried mushrooms as they found traces of mud, plastic, and insects in them.


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