And the surprises keep rollin’ in!

Yesterday, YG Entertainment’s official blog, YG-Life posted up a fourth anniversary poster to celebrate a special occasion for one of their K-Pop idol groups. The poster reads, “ARE YOU READY?” and yes, as you might’ve guessed it from the previous series of teasers, it has been confirmed that it’s meant for 2NE1’s comeback as a whole!

2NE1 Are You Ready


YG Entertainment stated regarding the “ARE YOU READY?” poster, “It’s a teaser that embodies CEO Yang Hyun Suk‘s goal to make this year 2NE1′s golden year. Although 2NE1′s official comeback date hasn’t been confirmed yet, the girls will be releasing a new song”.

So the rumours were indeed true! Oh, Blackjacks, you have so, so much to look forward to – CL’s first ever solo single on 28th May 2013 and then 2NE1’s comeback after CL’s solo promotions.

2NE1 LOVES Vol.1 – CL LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.

2NE1 LOVES Vol.2 – DARA LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.

2NE1 LOVES Vol.3 – BOM LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.


2NE1 LOVES Vol.4 – MINZY LOVES from 2ne1loves on Vimeo.

Bring it, YG. We are so ready!


CL’s music video for her first solo single has been released! Give it up for the baddest female.

[youtube id=”7LP4foN3Xs4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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