So, YG Entertainment and G-Dragon seem to never run out of surprises. When we first learnt that G-Dragon was going to go on his first ever solo world tour, nobody really expected to see guest appearances from the YG family.

If you remember, G-Dragon’s grand “One Of A Kind World Tour 2013” kickoff in Seoul, Korea at the end of March saw performances from the idol alongside some of his label mates such as Epik High’s Tablo, YG’s baby idol Lee Hi, and 2NE1’s leader CL.

G-Dragon OOAK World Tour 2013 Seoul Korea GD Tablo Lee Hi CL


GD World Tour 2013 Osaka GD Daesung Taeyang

Following which, G-Dragon was joined by BIGBANG members Daesung and Taeyang on the Osaka, Japan leg of his concert tour. Not only was that intended but it the BIGBANG boys’ show of support for their leader, who had sprained his leg on the previous day.

On 4th and 5th May, the baby of the K-Pop idol boy group, Seungri joined G-Dragon on the Beijing, China leg of the tour. This was of course much to the delight of their Chinese fans, considering how popular Seungri is with them.

GD World Tour 2013 Beijing China GD Seungri

The duo also didn’t hold back from showing their brotherly affection for each other on stage.

And finally, just last week, both Taeyang and G-Dragon flew to Taiwan for G-Dragon’s “One Of A Kind World Tour 2013” Taipei concert.

Now, the date for G-Dragon’s “One Of A Kind World Tour 2013” in Malaysia concert  is looming and diehard fans of G-Dragon as well as VIPs are left guessing whether or not his show in Malaysia would also feature one (or two?) of YG Entertainment’s artistes.

GD World Tour 2013 Special Guest


In the past two days, YG Entertainment announced on Twitter that Epik High will be joining G-Dragon in Hong Kong (17th and 18th May) whereas Seungri will be making a guest appearance at G-Dragon’s Thailand concert (7th and 8th June).

Rumour has it that T.O.P might be the one accompanying G-Dragon to his “One Of A Kind World Tour 2013” in June but nothing has been confirmed.

TOP G-Dragon Concert Rumour

Furthermore, June is the very month that holds the dates for Nagoya (Japan), Thailand (which Seungri will attend), Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. So, which is it? Will T.O.P be coming to Malaysia as a guest performer?

[youtube id=”f5lkkGdF_nA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We’ll find out soon enough.

IMPORTANT: This is, of course, all based on hearsay. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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