TV host Datuk Aznil Nawawi has quit the “MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia 2” competition, saying that he has to take care of his 88-year-old mother.

Aznil said he could not focus on the contest as his mind was preoccupied with the well-being of his mother, who goes the hospital for treatment regularly.

MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia 2


His decision came as a surprise to his fans, the production team and fellow competitors as the show had reached its 13th episode:

Apart from filming the programme, I still have a full time job with Astro. Thus I can only spend some time with my mother on Sundays. Since late last year, my mother is always ill. Even a cough could land her in the hospital for a week.

Although his siblings had been very understanding about his busy schedule, Aznil said he felt guilty of not taking enough responsibility. “As her children, we have to take more care of her”, he added.


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