On 11th May 2013 (Saturday), 21 Malaysians were arrested for staging a protest over the 13th Malaysian general election results at the Merlion Park in Singapore despite being warned by the Singapore police not to do so. The arrests came after nine Malaysians had been warned for protesting in a similar illegal gathering last Wednesday (8th May 2013), also held at the Merlion Park.

After being held for investigations, the Singapore government have confirmed that they will revoke the work pass of one Malaysian arrested for participating in illegal protests while the visit passes of two other Malaysians have been cancelled.

Merlion Park Black505


Another 18 Malaysians will have their work passes reviewed after investigations are completed.

The Singapore police have since issued a strong statement which said that foreigners have to abide by Singapore’s laws. “They should not import their domestic issues from their countries into Singapore and conduct activities which can disturb public order. Those who break the law will be seriously dealt with”, a police spokesman said in the statement.


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