Tickets for G-Dragon’s “1st World Tour 2013: One Of A Kind in Malaysia” concert went on sale on 11th May 2013 (Saturday) at a special ticket event launch at Fahrenheit88 in Kuala Lumpur. The earliest fan was reported to have started queuing up days before the official launch. This much fan-fare and excitement can only be reserved for G-Dragon, the leader of the global superstars K-Pop idol boy group, BIGBANG.

But, in comparison, for the ticket launch of the “BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 in Malaysia” concert, the earliest fan started queuing only the night before ticket sales began. Not surprising. After all, G-Dragon is known for his explosive performances and showmanship.

G-Dragon One Of A Kind World Tour 2013


Here are more pointers from the ticket launch for G-Dragon’s “1st World Tour 2013: One Of A Kind in Malaysia” event:

  • The first fan started queuing since Wednesday evening, and she was also the first fan in the queue for last year’s BIGBANG concert ticket launch.
  • Fans who got to know each other while queuing for BIGBANG tickets last year met up to queue together this time.
  • Parents came to queue (some overnight!) with their children for the tickets.
  • Hundreds of fans queued overnight and there were more than 1000 people in the queue before doors opened.
  • VIP tickets sold out within an hour of the start of sales and Cat 2 (RM488) tickets are selling fast; limited tickets are available via TicketCharge and AirAsia RedTix.

How’s that for impressive?

[youtube id=”b-TXYj4o67I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Merchandise can be purchased online from this week onwards. Details can be found on Running Into The Sun’s website or their Facebook page.

For more pictures from the ticket launch, check out this gallery:

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