Want to catch the six Twisties Superstarz X finalists battle it out for the grand prize? How about catching celebrity mentors Altimet and Prema Yin perform live at the biggest party around? Just think TWISTED and you and three friends could be rocking out with Twisties at Aquasonic KL on 25th May 2013 (Saturday)!

Twisties Superstarz X is a competition about finding the X-factor. Just like our finalists, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Superstar – show us what you’ve got!

Twisties Superstarz X Finalists


Just answer the following questions about the competition in the most creative way possible, and if you’re TWISTED enough – you and your friends could be partying like superstars at the Twisties Superstarz X Finale while watching performances by the Final 6, celebrity mentors, and other special celebrity guests:

  1. Name the TWO Twisties Superstarz X celebrity mentors.
  2. Tell us in 20 words or less, what is the most twisted thing you would do to win tickets to the Twisties Superstarz X finale?

Winners will receive a set of FOUR VIP passes to the Twisties Superstarz X Finale. We have FOUR sets of passes up for grabs, so hurry up and e-mail your entries with the subject line “Twisties Superstarz X Finale” to [email protected] by 17th May 2013 (Friday) with your full name, IC number, and mobile number.

For more information, visit their website.

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