A week ago, K-Pop idol girl group 4 Minute’s HyunA suddenly fainted and was admitted into a hospital in Seoul. It was said that she was suffering from a high fever and dehydration. The rumour was then confirmed by a Cube Entertainment official, who revealed via a phone interview:

HyunA was preparing for her schedule on May 6 when she suffered from high fever and dehydration. Her fever was still high early this morning so she went to the hospital. Her fever went down a lot now. The doctor thinks it’s from overworking. It might be too much to immediately start working after she gets better so we’ll focus on her recovery after receiving a thorough medical examination.

Following which, Cube Entertainment announced that they planned to let the singer recover fully before taking on any rigorous activities. Hence, the other four members of 4Minute continued on with their “What’s Your Name” promotions without HyunA. Here they are performing without her:


[youtube id=”aj9gwPT5Kz8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

But all is well. We hear that HyunA have since been discharged from the hospital over the weekend after receiving a basic medical check-up. However, Cube Entertainment is taking precautions to make sure that the foxy K-Pop idol is fully recovered before taking on any activities at the moment.

Get well soon, HyunA!


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