She’s an actress, a singer, a daughter to veteran 80s singer Rohana Jalil, a Malaysian, and more importantly, she’s Angelina Jolie’s doppelganger. Her name is Syakila Nisha Jangir Khan, otherwise known as Kilafairy.

The 20-year-old has the curves, the gaze, and more importantly, the pouty lips. And of course, she’s well aware of people talking about her uncanny resemblance to the gorgeous Hollywood A-lister. Of the frequent comparison that she gets from people, Kilafairy says, “I get (compared) all the time but what do you think? We’re really different! Maybe it is my jawline. I’ve been told my sharp features make me look like her. Hey, it’s a compliment for me but such an insult for her. She’s beautiful”.

Kilafairy Angelina Jolie


She also added that that’s probably where the comparisons stop because while Angelina Jolie has had quite a dating history (read: a string of lovers, two ex-husbands, and Brad Pitt), Kilafairy has never had a boyfriend. And she’s not even looking!:

I’m just not eager to find a boyfriend. I think my biggest problem is that I don’t want to try. I only want to be with one person my whole life. I’ve don’t believe in dating. I want to wait for that one person that I will eventually marry. I will only date someone when there is a high chance of him being my life partner.

Of course, he must be understanding of my busy work life, put me first and love me unconditionally. And I love big families, so he must be ready to have eight children with me!

Kilafairy is currently in the midst of recording a new single and she hopes to release a mini album in the near future. She also recently finished filming a Bollywood- inspired drama series, “Cinta Agra”, which was shot in Agra, Delhi, and Kashmir.

As if acting and singing weren’t enough to keep her hands full, she also keeps herself busy with her boutique, “Rack”.

Kilafairy Rack

She’s one to watch!


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