Sure, you’ve seen or at least heard of the “Harlem Shake”. But you ain’t seen/heard nothing yet until you’ve seen/heard of it going wrong. Very wrong.

As far as viral memes go, the “Harlem Shake” is pretty much dead. So much for wanting it to beat the hell out of the success of Psy’s “Gangnam Style”. Then, in came these latecomers who decided to incorporate what looks like a firecracker and a canister of something flammable into their rendition. Guess you can already expect the outcome of such a “feat”, no?

Not to spoil things too much, but the guy that starts off the video, bopping on the hood of the car, literally walks into an explosion about 15 seconds in. Then, when the blast knocks over the red drum and sets it on fire, he appears to throw water on it. Bad idea:


[youtube id=”rXnnnNLB-bs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The original video, posted up on 9th May 2013 can be viewed here, twice as long as the standard “Harlem Shake” format – but it’s also twice as silly (and not in a good way). Kids, don’t try this at home!


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