19-year-old R.V. Kalaivanjini went out with her friend to buy nasi lemak when her trip turned into a walk of horror. She was crossing a parking lot at Lorong Batu Nilam 1E, Bukit Tinggi, Klang at 10:30pm on Wednesday night when she came across the girl, whom she thought was sleeping.

However, her attempts to wake the girl, who was clad in a white T-shirt and track bottoms, were unsuccessful “That was when I realised she could be dead. I got scared and asked a passer-by to call the police. I felt sad as the girl’s eyes were still open”, she said, adding that police arrived 15 minutes later and confirmed the girl’s death.

She said the spot where the girl was found was poorly-lit, which could explain why no one had spotted the body.


Nur Amyliana Shuhada Mohd Noor Crime Scene

Investigations later showed that the deceased was 11-year-old Nur Amyliana Shuhada Mohd Noor and that she might have been sexually assaulted. She was believed to have gone missing about noon the same day. The girl’s home is a mere 200m away from where her body was found.

Nur Amyliana’s sister, who identified herself as Eni, 16, said her younger sister was playing outside her home while waiting for her elder sister to return with the house keys. However, when the elder sister returned, Nur Amyliana was nowhere to be found. The family had thought that she had gone to play nearby.

11-year-old Found Dead

Klang Selatan district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Mat Yusop said early investigation found no apparent injuries on the victim’s body except for some bleeding on her private parts. He also confirmed that two male suspects, aged 19 and 24 were picked up near the scene and have been remanded for seven days.


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