Yesterday, from as early as 4pm, Malaysians gathered at the Kelana Jaya stadium in Petaling Jaya to support a post-election rally (also known as the “Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat” rally or #black505“) led by PKR de facto leader Dato’ Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim. He was to address his supporters for the first time since the 5th May 2013 (Sunday) 13th Malaysian general election aka #GE13.

Despite the rain, what seemed like more than 100,000 Malaysians braved the complete standstill jam on the LDP heading towards Kelana Jaya to make their way to the stadium.

Source: @Baz_Tan
Source: @Baz_Tan
Source: @chunhoww
Source: @chunhoww

Some of the participants parked their cars at the side of the main road and walked a few kilometres to the Kelana Jaya stadium. We hear that even nearby shopping mall, Paradigm Mall, was swarmed with enthusiastic Malaysians.


The Malaysians who turned up donned black T-shirts to symbolise protest against what they allege as “electoral fraud” and others brought yellow flowers, symbolising “Bersih”, or clean and fair elections:

[youtube id=”4atZZCYQ88o” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Amongst the leaders who were present are such as the newly-elected MP for Kelana Jaya, Wong Chen, as well as Tian Chua, PKR vice president Nurul IzzahElizabeth Wong, Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang, Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, and more.

Both Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang were spotted riding pillion on motorbikes in the effort to beat the tragic jam so that they could make it to the Kelana Jaya stadium on time. The sight of the leaders on motorbikes shocked onlookers but Anwar Ibrahim graciously waved at them as they whipped out their smartphones and cameras to snap away:

Black505 Kelana Jaya (1)
Source: Twitter

As for the environment at the stadium throughout the entire time of the rally, our sources have told us that it was “electric”. Malaysians, regardless of race, age, gender, background, stood steadfast for their home.

Phone lines were jammed, Twitter was abuzz, and as expected, “#black505” and “Kelana Jaya” was trending:

black505 Kelana Jaya Twitter

When Lim Kit Siang finally took the stage, he began by thanking all Malaysians for their commitment towards making the country and people stronger and states that now is the time to “turn our resolve into the tasks that can move our country forward”. He also went on to say:


Foremost is the need to properly account for all of the irregularities during an election that was not only the dirtiest election in our country’s history, but also the most marred in its process. We support Bersih’s people’s tribunal as an essential step for justice and transparency. We call on all Malaysians to come forward to share their experiences and help us get to the truth.

In our initial assessment, we can point to multiple seats where serious irregularities occurred – Labis, Tapah, Segamat and Bentong, to name just a few. We believe that the irregularities are extensive and nation-wide and minimally affect up to 30 seats. As the irregularities impact more than 21 seats, the margin for which we would have won government, and involve at least two state governments – Perak and Terengganu.

The DAP, working in collaboration with our partners in Pakatan Rakyat, will work to gather and present the evidence. If Malaysia had free and fair elections, we would be in Putrajaya and many other state capitals across the country. Malaysians know this, and the BN knows it.

The Malaysia I know is one that believes in fairness. The Malaysia that I know is one that believes in decency.

Black505 Kelana Jaya (2)
Source: Twitter

When met by reporters later, Anwar Ibrahim said, “I would not quit until we reach Putrajaya, until we expose all fraud and claim Putrajaya for the rakyat. They deserved it as we, Pakatan, won the popular vote”.

Malaysians came as one again last night for change, for a better country that they so love. Here they are singing our national anthem, “Negaraku” in unison under the rain, signifying the end of the rally:

[youtube id=”lCJ9NSvCuiA” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Psst. One of our readers sent this in a couple of hours ago:

Source: @Baz_Tan
Source: @Baz_Tan

Awesome much?

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