Yes, the rumours are true. The Curve, Mutiara Damansara’s most popular bar in back with brand new look following its recent major facelift. Major meaning a complete reinvention of what it used to be e.g. concept, entertainment, and music variety.

We were given a first look at the all new Laundry Bar just yesterday ahead of its official reopening, complete with an exclusive media tour by Llew Marsh (Marketing Manager of Laundry Bar). After which, he hung out with us at a cozy corner in the bar and told us everything we needed to know about the refurbishment – including the cost to “refresh” Laundry. You wouldn’t believe how much it cost them!

So, tell us about this decision to refurbish the bar.


“This is the second renovation that Laundry Bar has had. The whole idea is to try to take the market one step higher because the people who used to come here..who were in their 20s or 30s are now slightly older – five years older or six years older. Also, we want to capture the younger crowd so, we’re still targeting the Gen X as well as the Gen Y.”

Laundry Bar.jpg

Yes, and Laundry Bar looks awesome now! More inviting and warm. Can you tell us a little bit more about the concept behind the new design?

“As you can see it’s very vintage chic. Petrina is the designer so when she comes up with something, she’d usually go for an overall look, like an overall theme. But every area, she went all in with the details of every corner to make them slightly different from each other – different colour, different materials, etc. And everything that you see here today is custom made or custom-designed for Laundry Bar. The furniture are upholstered specifically for Laundry Bar. There are also posters from all around the world on our walls. Also, before, we didn’t have a permanent DJ booth back then but now we do! How much did the refurbishment cost? More than half a million in total.”

What kind of nights will you hold now with the refurbishing and the reopening of Laundry Bar?

“So on weekends, we do DJ acts. Fridays, we’re reintroducing retro night with DJ Jason which will play some old stuff but as the night progresses, it goes from 70s to 80s to 90s to the more current stuff. As the night gets later, the music gets younger! On Saturdays, we have DJ Fuzz, who has played here many times. He has got a very R&B hip hop feel to his music but as the night gets later, he drops more ‘Top 40s’ type of stuff.”


What’s the crowd like for Laundry Bar? Do you get a lot of adults or the young working people?


“The crowd we have here at night is of course the drinking crowd. In the daytime between 4 and 7 we get a lot of the happy hour crowd. You know, when people just wanna come here and listen to pop music, sit outside and have their beers or coffee. And because we’re next to Italiannies we also serve food and we serve food all night long. So if the bar opens till 1am, the food will still be available until 1am. You can have your pastas or pizzas here instead of looking for a place to eat at that time of the night.”

Are you guys planning to charge a cover charge now that you’re reopening with a brand new look?

“Only for international acts. Currently, our Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are still open. Depending on what acts we bring in like..if they’re really, really big acts then we will charge a cover charge. But if you’re looking at a range then I’d say about RM30. It’s just a first drink charge.”


Nice! Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to speak to us, Llew. So, drinks anyone? Laundry Bar at The Curve, yes?

Laundry Bar is located at:

Lot 72, Ground Floor, Western Courtyard,

the Curve, Mutiara Damansara,

47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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